Video Access Help

The Ian R Crane website (this website) offers video content on a pay per view (PPV) basis alongside physical items such as DVDs. It is offered and provided by The Alternative View. This video content consists of live video/livestream events plus recorded content. Access comes in varying periods such as "for the duration fo the event", a "fixed time period" or a mixture of both. Accesss is controlled by a paywall with prices and details shown to the customer before purchase.

Website Account

Although the video content and paywall appears on this website order management is provided by one of our partner companies. To access the PPV video content you do not need to create and account/register on this website. This applies to both live events/livestream events and recorded content.

Purchasing Access to Content

To access PPV content you need to purchase a ticket. All content will have a ticket/tickets in the relevent content player. The tickets will show the price and access period you are getting to the content with your purchase.

Once you have made your choice and purchase you will be sent an automatic email confirmation with your ticket/password details.

Important: Please check your spam folder after your purchase as sometimes the confirmations go to spam.

If you don't recieve your code within an hour please let us know at livestream[at] or send a message through the contact page on this website.

Watching Content

To watch the content you have purchased access to go back to your point of purchase. You may already be on the website/correct page. If not. Please return there.

Where do I put my code?

On the website/webpage where you made your purchase there is a player. In the player you will see purchase buttons for the options available. You will have made a purchase using one of these. Next to or underneath the buttons you will see "ALREADY HAVE A CODE". In the box on the relevant ticket button enter your code/password and click the green enter button. This lets you access your content.

Two points to note:

1. Generally if you have purchased recorded content or access to live events/livestream events which are in progress the content will autiomatically start playing.

2.If the live event/livestream event is not in progress even with your code entered successfully you will not see any content.

Live Event Specific Information

When should I log on?

We recommend you log on with your code/password 30 minutes before the live event/livestream event starts. This will give you time you check you can get access and that your code/password has been entered correctly.

How do I know the live event/livestream is on?

On the bottom left of the player next to the volume button there is a status message. If the live event/livestream event is on there will be an online message.

I successfully logged on once but can't again

If you have any problems logging on either to test or watch the actual live event/livestream event please clear your browser cookies and cache, restart your browser and try again. You should see the ticket options and can enter your code.

Accessing the content after the event

If a live event/livestream event ticket purchase includes access to a recording/recordings you will be notified at the point of purchase and after the event when the recording/recordings are ready.

Please keep your original code handy as you will need it to access recording/recordings.

Further help

If you need further help please email livestream[at] or use the contact form on this website. Please work through the above information before getting in touch.