Tony Gosling - The New World Order

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The New World Order (Thanks to a Compliant Media)

Tony Gosling

The use of crises and staged events to manipulate world affairs is documented through history. How much of what we see and hear in the daily news is a genuine event and how much is the product of a ‘for-profit’ Public Relations exercise?

How is it that we have come from the early days of broadcasting and a plural press to a state of the news ‘market’ where a handful of people control much of what we see and hear every day. Ironically, it is now the norm for ‘Media Moguls’ to own several titles which appear to represent different viewpoints. Tony will examine how this practice is used to build an artificial consensus for a ‘Globalist Agenda’ in the face of ‘global terror’ and ‘global financial crises’?

Most important of all Tony will examine how this ‘Stalinisation’ of the media affects the way we lead our lives and how we can stay sane in such an apparently schizophrenic, even psychotic world of public discourse. The answer comes through understanding that much of what we see and hear in contemporary media is nothing more than an elaborate illusion.

Filmed at The Alternative View 2 Event in London - May 2009

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