Mind Control by the New Media : Patrick Henningsen - AV7

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Consensus Reality
Mind Control Through The New Media


Patrick Henningsen



Media and news are changing faster than ever. New tools, platforms and outlets are being accessed every day, while mixed in with old remnant networks.

The world has never had so many amazing information resources at its fingertips and yet, this 21st century space is becoming increasingly politicized along 20th century binary paradigms, with the demand for disinformation threatening to overtake real information.

Critical thinking is becoming an endangered skill, and social engineers are taking advantage of society's vulnerability through digital tribalism and mass mind control.

Understanding the media landscape and its information framework will be key to surviving this digital tsunami in the decade to come.


For the past decade, Patrick Henningsen has helped to inform and educate millions of readers and viewers worldwide on some of the most challenging and important social and political issues of our times. He is an independent voice on 21st century geopolitics, as well as a controversial media critic, deconstructing and demystifying mainstream dialectics and paradigms. Patrick is widely recognized for his down to earth, dynamic lecture presentations and workshops, and for his candid commentary and timely predictions and analysis of world events. Currently, he is an editor and founder of the news and media analysis website 21st Century Wire.com and host of the popular weekly 'Sunday Wire' radio show, which broadcasts live every week on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR).


Patrick is also a regular global affairs analyst and independent correspondent for RT News International (Moscow), and has also appeared on ITN (UK), Al Jazeera English (UK), Going Underground on RT (UK), and has also appeared on the popular syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM (US), Red Ice Radio (Scandinavia), and his writing has been featured in a number of publications including The Guardian (UK) and New Dawn Magazine (Australia).

Website: www.21stcenturywire.com