Digital Djinn & the Water of Life : Thomas Sheridan - AV6

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Ragnarök, the Digital Djinn
& the Water of Life
Thomas Sheridan
This is Thomas Sheridan at his very best. Following his research into the psychopath, serial killers and the Psychopathic Control Grid, Sheridan turned his attention to exploring the topic on a deeper metaphysical and spiritual level after a life changing encounter with an African Shaman.
What started out as a study of mythological archetypes and spirituality, soon became a fascination with the idea of human consciousness actually being under attack from a form of consciousness parasite.
Along with consulting literary and archival sources, field and lab work was also undertaken in an attempt to determine if any evidence to validate the vast and remarkably similar canon of folklore; proclaiming that humans are affected by non-material forms of consciousness that interact, often with horrific consequences for mankind. Something which many top scientists and engineers were attempting during the early days of radio and TV. Often with surprising success and shocking personal consequences.
"All human mythological and spiritual prophecy is completely metaphorical and not a portrayal of literal events. The monsters, demons and scenes of cataclysmic folklore are not portrayals of earthly real world disasters, they are reflections of how the psycho-social battles actually take place; within the domain of human consciousness."
Are we in the Viking endtime of Ragnarök? Has the transition to digital electronics opened up a pathological super-highway into our minds and souls via the possibility of a sentient 'Internet of Things'? Are the cataclysm of toxic tidal waves and weather warfare described within the Ragnarök story happening right here and right now? Is 'Loki' about to break out of his cage and if so, what is our best defence? The Djinn-Div-Dybbuk infected and alien religions of the Middle East? Salvation by the CIA/Mi5-created space aliens as part of their weaponised mythology to hide secret military technology and black operations, propagandised by intelligence-services funded contactee cults and Hollywood?
Or do we, as individuals, tap into our European indigenous archetypes and unleash the Odin and Freya inside all of us? This presentation will be the sensational culmination of Thomas Sheridan's years of study into how to construct a consciousness firewall around our bombarded psyche.
In addition, Thomas will reflect upon the systematic removal of Water as a 'Human Right' in his native ireland; a young Nation State destroyed by the European Central Bank and now being pillaged by rampant Global Corporatism. 500,000 young people have left Ireland in the past seven years and much of rural Ireland is once again on  the brink of poverty ... Has 40years of fluoridated water contributed to the ultimate subjugation of the once legendary Celtic spirit?