Clouds of Deception : Olga Raffa - AV6

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Clouds of Deception


Weather Modification and the

public push back on Geoengineering.


Olga Raffa


Olga will  connect the  technologies associated with atmospheric  manipulation and weather warfare, showing the history of it's use up to  the current science of geoengineering.  
Climate Engineers admit that Solar Radiation Management  will sacrifice millions of lives, yet  the technique describes what we know and see today as chemtrails.  
Ignoring  health and Human Rights violations, geo-engineers promote field experiments with total disregard for prospective implications. Olga will explore the 'Full Spectrum Dominance' and Trans-humanist objectives of the global elites.  With The 'Directive to Ban Geoengineering', Olga will explain the initiatives that are underway to help people lobby their  MP's to force a Government investigation in the quest to reclaim our long forgotten clear blue skies. 
In  2011 when questioning the disappearance of our vibrant bright blue skies,  Olga Raffa began  to investigate the unmitigated assault of  jet trail emissions that  scar the global skyscape of today. With her research she  began  campaigning with the  'Directive to Ban Geoengineering'  to break through the denial that an overt  operation is in effect, presenting six demands to Parliament in the endeavour to address the aviation pollution we see today. 

Through Chemtrails Project UK Olga delivered a petition to Downing St and established a public record  of correspondence between concerned citizens and over 450 MP's (to date) showing irrefutable evidence and negligence with regard to this issue. She continues to lobby MP's to take this to debate before parliament to protect our health and environment for future generations to come.