Beyond Authority : Brian Gerrish - AV6

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Beyond Authority 

Election Fraud & the Rush to Communitarianism

Brian Gerrish


“I never for a moment imagined that Big Money and Big Lies could so successfully scare, cajole and diddle the electorate of this country. I grew up in a Britain both better-educated and more honest than the one we have today. Perhaps that is why I could not see this possibility. I have not seen, in my lifetime, a campaign so dishonest, so crude, so based in fear and so redolent of third-world and banana republic political tactics …”

These are not my words but those of journalist Peter Hitchens. He is right with one exception. The General Election campaign 2015 was certainly not crude. It was the outcome of years of conspiring to build a common purpose in which those whom we trusted to lead, govern and protect us were carefully chosen and groomed to act beyond their authority and betray us.

Just how did Julia Middleton CEO of the political charity Common Purpose know way back in 2007 that “Downing Street [was] always wondering whether people have sufficient “guile” to be brought into a coalition the government is building?” The reality is that the 2015 election has installed new shiny Conservative icing on an established communitarian political cake. The cake itself contains the same ingredients - perverse political will, self-interests, fraud, corruption, sexual perversion, blackmail, big business and big money.

The mix has been moistened with behavioural change and baked with propaganda. It looks good, but is really very poisonous. People are eating it and dying. We need to throw it away, and we can, but the Westminster cake is very heavy and very sticky. We need knowledge and many hands to make light work. Join us.