Banana in the Mirror : Simon Welsh - AV6

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Banana in the Mirror

Social Media - The Good, the Bad

... and the downright Ugly!


Simon Welsh


Simon Welsh made his impromptu AV Conference debut at AV5 and won the Hearts of the audience with his openess, his inate humour and his unique poetry. Simon returns to AV6 to present 'Banana in the Mirror' - a look at social media through the eyes of the spirit.  A journey into the truth that sits in the shadows of human nature.  Who are we?  What are we for?  How can social media and other types of social activity, help us to live more honestly, and more in line with a future that can truly celebrate LIFE on planet Earth.  The youth of the early 21st Century are being slowly, yet systematically drawn into an insidious Mainframe ... but there are solutions! Once again, Simon offers some basic insights and easy to follow processes that can help us to rise above the horror of every day life, avoid the pitfalls of 'Device Addiction' and continue to effect change for the better in this increasingly complex, technology driven world.