Patrick Henningsen - Bending Reality: Countering Media Manipulation in the 21st Century - AV5

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Bending Reality: Countering Media Manipulation in the 21st Century

Mainstream media is losing its grip on information. Deception and lies have become the norm, as a handful of corporations and governments have been spoon feeding humanity a version of reality by manufacturing consensus. Revealing the control and ownership command and control structure is essential to understanding what is happening and why, but more importantly, by being able to decode and unmask mainstream propaganda - you will know exactly where the establishment are taking us. Knowing how to navigate this matrix will be the key to survival and sanity in the 21st century.


Geopolitical analyst and founder of 21st Century A former communications and PR consultant, he became active as an artist and advocate for the peace movement before the Iraq War in 2003, and later as an independent blogger from 2005, and has since produced an impressive range of work as both a writer and documentary filmmaker, and correspondent on the ground covering events in the US, Europe and Middle East. Patrick has worked up close on a number of current, but controversial stories including the UN's global warming hoax, Cyprus banking collapse, G8 protests, Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama birth certificate scandal, the 'War on Terror' and NATO and Israeli subterfuge in the Middle East.

Patrick is recognised by audiences for his ability to contexualise current events and demystify complex systems in a way that makes sense to viewers and readers, as well as utilising 'game theory' as a tool to understand international geopolitics. He is also a regular contributor to Russia Today (RT) and UK Column TV (UKCTV), and host of The Sunday Wire weekly radio show broadcast globally on GMN(US). Other past work includes associate editor of, presenter and producer of 21st Century Wire TV on SKY Channel 191 in 2012-13, published work in The Guardian, New Dawn Magazine, and appearances on Coast to Coast AM, Red Ice Radio, Edge Media TV(UK), ITN, and Al Jazeera.

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