Neil Sanders - The Art of Creating Reality - AV5

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The Art of Creating Reality

Want to know how to sell more effectively? How can you alter the beliefs of your clients? How to make products or ideologies seem more desirable? How can we stretch the truth, stage-manage scenarios and skillfully exploit language to ensure the public sees things as we wish them to be presented and received?

Neil Sanders, presents a ‘sales seminar’ like no other;  taking you through the tricks of the marketing trade to allow you to more effectively manipulate the perceptions of your consumers and become successful and efficient salesmen. 

Learn the secret techniques that are being utilised now in advertising, news media and politics to increase success, define societal positions and sell reality – the reality we decide – to the masses.


Neil Sanders holds an MA in Film Studies, studied Psychology and Media Production for his BA Honours and is a qualified hypnotherapist.

Neil is considered an expert on the subject of mind control and has been studying the history of this dark art and its application by military and government intelligence agencies across the globe for many years. Neil has appeared on several television shows and made numerous radio appearances in Europe and the USA and is the author of 'Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own' - Volumes One and Two.


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