Mike Mitcham - The 'SMART' Agenda : 'SMART' for whom? - AV5

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The 'SMART' Agenda ... 'SMART' for whom?

The word 'SMART' is used increasing to describe the ultimate in technological development. The inference being that our lives will be made easier if we embrace the 'SMART' Agenda ... In this presentation, Mike will share his unique insight and perspective into the realities of the pernicious intent behind the 'SMART' revolution, with particular focus on Smart Meters and the threats they represent to our health, privacy, safety, grid security and energy bills.

Most importantly, he will outline positive and empowering steps that we can take to challenge the advancing Technocracy.


Mike Mitcham is a researcher and campaigner with a background in IT systems consulting. &In January 2012, he co-founded Stop Smart Meters! (UK) to raise awareness among the public about the hidden dangers of Smart Meters and our rights to refuse them. 

To date, the campaign has served over 100,000 Legal Notices to entities and individuals pushing the Smart Metering agenda, on behalf of over 1,600 people. 
Following concerted efforts to appeal to Government policymakers and advisors, Mike was asked to give evidence at a televised Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing at the Palace of Westminster in April 2013.  He also appeared in ‘Take Back Your Power’, the award-winning documentary by Josh del Sol which examines the scandalous truth about the "Smart Grid."

Links: www.stopsmartmeters.org.uk