David Boyle - Everything you thought you knew ... IS WRONG! - AV5

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Everything you thought you knew ... IS WRONG!

Always thought provoking, challenging and occasionally completely 'Off the Wall'!
David Boyle's AV5 presentation will offer insight into the evident narrowing of the separation gap, between the Physical and the Hyper-dimensional; raising the possibility that both are heading rapidly towards a common objective ... an objective which requires Humanity's ACTIVE PARTICIPATION!
David will also discuss his work to develop an Alternative Energy device. A prime example of simple inventions which have been deliberately by-passed (or suppressed) by the Global Corporatists as part of their agenda to maintain a hydro-carbon driven economy.
Finallly, David will present his thoughts on a possible system of future governance; serving Humanity and circumventing the manipulated political charade which the ruling Cabals foist upon us.  Is there a means of worldwide control which is fair for all and which cannot be circum-navigated and controlled? David Boyle believes  there is ...
Now 65 years of age, awakened at an early age, David has established many different and varied businesses, including Precision Engineering, Manufacturing, Clothing and Exhibitions. David is now actively designing and producing new methods of electrical production.

David says, "Widely differing skills taught me how to analyse items and then to be able to synthesize; which is a great help when

Understanding the workings of the Universe."

David shares his insights with the public at large at his 'Exhibition of the Workings of the Universe', located on Blackpool promenade.

Links: www.allthatis.co.uk

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