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Police Corruption & Intimidation

What would you do if you discoverd that your 13 year old daughter was being 'groomed' by an internet stalker?

Once you had accumulated sufficient evidence, you would probably report the situation to the Police ... but the response might not be what you'd expect!

in 2008 when Michael Doherty, passed the Metropolitan Police an 86-page dossier of evidence.

Frustrated by a lack of progress, he phoned Hillingdon police station five times to try to speak to a senior officer and establish the status of the investigation.

Three days later, officers arrested him at home on suspicion of harassing a civilian Police worker.

Michael was later cleared at trial and reported the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

However Deborah Glass, the deputy chair of the IPCC, decided that a “proportionate and appropriate outcome” would be a reminder to officers to keep “accurate and detailed notes”.

Outraged by the blatant 'whitewash', Michael Doherty launched a private prosecution and the Crown Prosecution Service took over the case in November 2011. The CPS later tried to drop the case, leading Mr Doherty to launch a judicial review.

This is the sobering account of a Father trying to do what he thought right and necessary to protect his daughter in the 21st century UK Corporatist Police State.

See Daily Mail article HERE



Michael Doherty is a former Aircraft Engineer who before 2008, had never had cause to question the integrity of the either the UK Police or wider Establishment.

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