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Punk Science: The Real Deal about Planet Earth

Dr Manjir Samanta Laughton

Are black holes at the creative centre of an ever-evolving, fractal universe? The latest in mainstream physics suggests they are not the great guzzling monsters that we once thought they were. Why is the Big Bang Theory a myth? “

How is Faster-Than-Light Physics essential to an understanding of the Conscious Universe?”

What is the association between galactic alignments and the 2012 prophecies of the Maya? And how do Black Holes give us a handle on a new science behind climate change?

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS Dip Bio-energy is a former medical GP, bio-energy healer and holistic doctor for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. In her quest to discover the science of healing, she studied with experts in the world of cutting-edge physics.

Filmed at The Alternative View 4 Event in London - March 2010

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