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Tales from a 'Fallen' Icon

Professor David Bellamy

Earth's climate has remained within the limits tolerated by life for several billion years. Unimaginable volcanic events liberated huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide, and our planet collided with extraterrestrial objects which triggered either increases or decreases in temperature, with the energy flow from the sun altering over time. The global temperature is well within lifes limits - the present-day is cooler than much of previous geological time. So, whats to worry about?
David Bellamy is a respected botanist and the author of 45 books, and presented over 400 television shows across the years.

Appreciated by audiences for his boundless enthusiasm, the release of the Climategate emails in November 2009 saw David’s scepticism proven to have more than a little justification!

Filmed at The Alternative View 4 Event in London - March 2010

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