Terry Boardman - The New World Order

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The New World Order and the Esoteric Dimension of the 21st Century

Terry Boardman

Are the aims of the New World Order (NWO) in the 21st Century the acquisition of power and wealth by selfish elites, bent on enslavement of the masses and depopulation? Or is there perhaps a deeper meaning to the challenge the NWO presents to human freedom and evolution?

Terry’s new presentation will detail various aspects of the esoteric dimension of the 21st century including:

  • Humanity’s ‘crossing of the threshold’ in 1899 in relation to the millennium and 2012;
  • Humanity’s global ‘coming of age’ in the 21st century; the connection between the New World Order and the incarnation of ‘Ahriman’;
  • Europe between America and China and the struggle in Europe between the streams of Freemasonry, Jesuitism and the Rose Cross;
  • The New World Order and ‘the Age of Michael’; and The impulse of 666 and 1998; the Etheric Christ Event.

Terry Boardman is a long time student of Anthroposophy and his observations on the underlying esoterica of contemporary geo-political events will undoubtedly stretch the bounds of perception. However, Terry demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict the unfolding agenda with the 1998 npublication of 'Mapping the Millenium'; His input provides a crucial backdrop in the quest for holistic integration. 

Filmed at The Alternative View 3 Event in Bristol - November 2009

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