Greg Nikolettos - The Human Microchipping Agenda

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The information contained in this DVD is priceless. Gregg Nikolettos has been forced to shut down his website. This is information the "Ruling Elite" don't want you to have:

The Human Microchipping Agenda

Greg Nikolettos

This remarkable presentation showcases the global microchipping agenda, tracing the first microchip back in time to the current ownership of the technology. Going back in history, parallels are drawn to the Nazi regime totally controlling the populace through information gathering, and revealing the companies behind Hitler that still operate today.

This all-encompassing lecture reveals how world governments with Google, Microsoft and other hidden companies will utilise census data, RFID, DNA and biometric harvesting, satellites, global databases and emerging technologies including biosensor microchips, to usher in a new age movement of accepting ‘chipped’ individuals. All fuelled by the war on terror - with the ultimate goal of bringing in a world wide web of digitised ‘online’ individuals who serve a mainframe.

This presentation also demonstrates how the Trans-humanism movement is the modern-day eugenics, repackaged and rebranded for a new generation. Greg also showcases the marketing strategies Verichip is developing to achieve the ultimate objective of micro-chipping every person on the planet,

The Game is on!

Filmed at The Alternative View 3 Event in Bristol - November 2009