Dr. Len Horowitz – The Love Code

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The Love Code: Musical Healing Celebration

Dr. Len Horowitz

Dr Horowitz’s decryption of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous drawing, ‘The Vitruvian [Wo]Man’ is masterful. The Truth that shall set humanity free invites you to step out of earthly limitation and into loving Divine direction. It’s all about harmony, and you are the music!

Join us in heralding and celebrating musical revelations for sustaining and remaking yourself and our planet with LOVE, forgiveness, and gratitude. Prepare to receive the music and mathematics of the Matrix during this uplifting celebration You will come away with the secret sacred code da Vinci’s mentors practiced to inspire greatness, creative talents, prophetic vision, and prosperity in all ways.

The Love Code reveals the universe’s most powerful sacred creative technology, featuring music and simple mathematics - a Divine language empowering the Laws of life, relationships, physics, and your destiny. So go with this flow and you will never look back!

A ‘Perfect Circle of Sound™’ lies within you, and can be used to broadcast the ‘Music of the Light’ transmuting the ‘Music of the Night.’

Filmed at The Alternative View 2 Event in London - May 2009