David Halpin - The Vortex Sucks Ever Louder

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The Vortex Sucks Ever Louder

David Halpin, FRCS

62 years from the Nuremberg principles, the Judaeo-Christian alliance is killing in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Palestine. It is fomenting instability in Pakistan, Somalia via Ethiopian (Christian) surrogates and in the Congo. It eliminates ‘terrorist’ threats in Pakistan from 8000 miles away at the flick of a switch; indeed Barak Obama bloodied his hands on 23rd January 2009 with a remote controlled drone attack inside Pakistan’s borders; killing the wrong targets, including a five year old child… no ‘Change’ there then!

All the western leaders who are joined in these wars of aggression are psychopaths, as demonstrated by behaviour devoid of humanity. It is imperative that we examine who these people are and how they get to positions of power. Among the mechanisms that sustain the status quo are the illusion of democracy and the massive, unfettered power of the media, most particularly the broadcast media.

The BBC demonstrated their allegiances by refusing to broadcast an appeal on behalf of the population of Gaza in the aftermath of the Israeli military assault on a civilian population.

Filmed at The Alternative View 2 Event in London - May 2009