Peter Taylor - Climate Change: The Alternative View

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Climate Change: The Alternative View

Peter Taylor

The science critic accepts that life is going to be lonely at times because the standard response of established interests is to ignore you – until, that is, the data finally move against the established science. Peter is concerned that the prevailing models of climate change don't take changing astronomical influences into account. As an increasing number of scientists question the politicised dogma of ‘Man-made Global Warming’, In this outstanding presentation, Peter presents an outline of his research which leads him to believe that the Earth is about to enter a period of Global Cooling; the effects of which could be seriously detrimental to global food production.

Peter Taylor, author of ‘Shiva’s Rainbow’ and ‘Beyond Conservation’, set up the Oxford based Political Ecology Research Group and was a director from 1978 to 1991. The group provided critical scientific review of a wide range of environmental policy issues. His recent work has focused upon policies relating to climate change, planning, ecosystem restoration, carbon sequestration, and sustainable development. 

Filmed at The Alternative View 1 event in Totnes - April 2008