Geoff Stray - Beyond 2012: Catastophe or Ecstasy

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Beyond 2012: Catastophe or Ecstasy

Geoff Stray

Geoff Stray, web-master of and author of 'BEYOND 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy' (a reference work widely regarded as 'THE 2012 Encyclopedia'), is arguably the world's leading exponent on the complex, multi-layered Mayan Calendar system.

A renowned international speaker, Geoff discusses the time science of the Mayans of Central America and ancient calendars of India, Sumer, Egypt, Babylon and megalithic Europe; referencing them to this unique time in our history.

The year 2012 is becoming the new focus of catastrophe theorists as the coming global crisis; of Christians as the Second Coming or Judgement Day; of UFO contactees as the mass-landing, and of the New Age community, as myriad variations on these themes. The most well-known source of speculation about 2012 is from the fact that the 5,125-year '13-baktun cycle' of the ancient Maya civilization will terminate then, but there are many other visions, prophecies and calendars that also pinpoint 2012.

Geoff Stray has been studying the meaning of 2012 for over 20 years, and looks at a few of the theories that have been suggested to explain the meaning behind the 2012 prophecies, and demonstrates the need for discernment - that we should not believe everything we are offered, since these theories often fall apart when scrutinized carefully. The presentation includes a controversial animation of the Aztec Sunstone, and includes evidence from around the world of 'snake and ladder' symbolism to suggest a possibility of what we can expect circa 2012.

Filmed at The Alternative View Event in Totnes - April 2008