Dr. Robert Verkerk - Double Jeopardy against Natural Health

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Double Jeopardy against Natural Health: - the Conspiracy that is no longer a Theory

Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC Phd. Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health & Scientific Advisor to the National Health Federation team on Codex Alimentarius

Dr Robert Verkerk, since leaving his position as a research fellow at Imperial College London some six years ago, has become one of the world's leading crusaders for natural health. In his presentation, he will demonstrate how governments and industry have coerced to form regulatory and scientific frameworks that are increasingly stifling our ability to practice one of our most fundamental rights, that of natural health. While the establishment has had to make some attempt to acknowledge and prioritise sustainable and ecologically-based approaches to damaging industries such as energy, agriculture, construction and even tourism, orthodox healthcare, the most destructive industry known to human health, is doing everything it can to kill off therapeutic approaches to natural health and healing. In some cases, traditions that are thousands of years old are now acutely threatened.

Rob Verkerk will show you how a kind of 'double jeopardy', based out of a misuse of both science and law, has been used to discriminate against the use of nature and its great diversity of products in the pursuit of health. It's only with an understanding of the problem that change can be initiated.

Change is required at every level. Consumers, patients and clients, friends and family, local and national government officials, all need to hear from you. Consumer empowerment is the vehicle for change and in this presentation you'll find out more about what behaviours are needed to bring about the much-needed paradigm shift.

This presentation aims to provide you with a language and arguments that appeal to the ultimate common sense. Armed with this knowledge, you can become a crucial mediator of change.

Dr Verkerk is an internationally-acclaimed expert in sustainability, with 25 years of experience particularly in the areas of agriculture and healthcare. He has a Masters Degree and Doctorate from Imperial College London, where he also worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for 7 years. He has extensive international experience, having worked especially in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia and North and Central America.

He has acted as an advisor to governments but has always maintained strong connections with NGOs. Dr Verkerk founded the ANH in 2002 which brought the unique combination of scientific, medical and legal expertise to the NGO sector working to protect natural health and 'alternative' medicine. He has been its Scientific and Executive Director ever since. Dr Verkerk is Patron of the College of Naturopathic Medicine, scientific advisor to the American Association for Health Freedom and the National Health Federation in the US.

He is active within the Risk Assessment Electronic Working Group of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses and is actively involved with consultations with the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority, the UK government and the Food and Agricultural Organization and World Health Organization of the United Nations. Rob provides regular articles and columns to a range of natural health and lifestyle publications, including Positive Health and the CAMclub eNewsletter. 

Recorded Live at The Alternative View 1 Event in Totnes - April 2008