David Halpin - The Palestinian Holocaust ...?

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The Palestinian Holocaust ...?

David Halpin, FRCS

On the 1st of February 2003 the MV Barbara slipped its moorings at Haldon Pier, Torquay.  Onboard were 4 Britons including myself, and 6 Danish crew, with 50 tons of good food in the hold, plus clothing, dressings and carpet wool for weaving. I had chartered this ship to cry out for Palestine and to shout against the impending war on Iraq. The voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin (Registered Charity Charity No. 1100119) had begun – and it continues now.

I had a banner made which flew between the fore and stern masts.  The largest letters spelt out this message   'REVERENCE FOR ALL LIFE' (Albert Schweitzer).

This was the central motif for the voyage of 3,100 sea miles.  Schweitzer gave me the spark for a life in medicine when, as a 12 year old, I read of his work in the Congo. These words distinguish us from the Blair and Bush cabals. The philosophy and the actions are life enhancing. The cabals and their odious, lying leaders are life denying.

They have few skills apart from the use of their tongues and their shallow charms; their knowledge is of manipulation and deceit. They deal death to our beautiful world and to all creation. They are the 'terminator genes' of mankind but multitudes stampede with them towards the abyss.
We will consider the illusion that is trumpeted as 'democracy' and perhaps agree that if it is an illusion and that it spawns wars. We are then fully complicit in that shredding and burning of women and children if we do not attempt to reverse it… let us agree how we might turn this foul tide.

David Halpin is one of the UK's most remarkable 'unknown heroes'. A former Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon at Torbay Hospital & Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital, David Halpin is probably best known for being one of the signatories to the letter published in both The Lancet and the Guardian (January 2004) questioning the official version of events surrounding Dr. David Kelly's alleged suicide. However, David's real passion is his long-standing concern for world affairs & aversion to social injustice; qualities which were the driving forces behind him establishing the 'Dove & Dolphin' Charity (No. 1100119), which serves to '. relieve poverty, distress and hardship among the Palestinian people and to promote the welfare of Palestinian children'.

Recorded Live at The Alternative View 1 Event in Totnes - April 2008