Andy Thomas - The Era of Turmoil and the Energy of Hope

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The Era of Turmoil and the Energy of Hope

Andy Thomas

The Era of Turmoil and the Energy of Hope The election of Barack Obama in the US has raised high hopes in many that a new era of political enlightenment may be about to dawn - yet those behind his election, and those he has appointed to office since, look suspiciously old-guard. When Obama had to restate his initially fumbled presidential vows two days after his inauguration, out of 'an abundance of caution' to forestall 'conspiracy theorists', this was a tacit acceptance of the growing strength of the truth-seeking community.

But with open expressions now being made by politicians about wanting to heavily regulate 'conspiracy' websites and lines of free communication that they claim encourage 'terrorism', the ongoing 'war on liberty' seems to be alive and well. As the Bush era passes into history, the danger is that awareness of questionable events such as 9/11, heavily associated with those times, will conveniently recede with it, out of sight and out of mind - even though the resulting control agenda continues on.

Yet the energy of the hope for change that has made itself abundantly clear in the global canonization of Barack Obama is very real, and something to be celebrated. How can we keep this new flame of optimism alive in dark times and ensure that we are not let down again?

How can the new US administration, and those world governments which claim to share its views, be made to hold to Obama's stated ideal of 'rejecting as false the choice between our safety and our ideals'?

In a lively and striking presentation, Andy Thomas encourages ways in which the current era of change can be tapped into positively, without diversion.

Filmed at The Alternative View 2 event in London - May 2009