How the West was Won (Again)! : Patrick Henningsen - AV6

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How the West was Won (AGAIN!)

Reclaiming rights and freedoms in police state

Patrick Henningsen



Last year, while covering international stories in Europe and the Middle East, writer Patrick Henningsen began researching and writing about a stand-off between a modest independent Nevada cattle rancher Clivden Bundy and the militarized forces of US federal government’s Bureau of Land Management.

What transpired was one of the quintessential American moments in living memory, with a real life David vs. Goliath narrative. After the stand-off in April, 2014, Patrick traveled to the US, to the Nevada desert and began work on an extensive investigative research and documentary film project about the historic armed stand-off at Bundy Ranch – as an international phenomenon that has since changed many lives and inspired millions worldwide.

Little did he know, the experience would also transform his own life as well. Since last year’s event, a massive wave has been building with at least 6 western United States have initiating legislation to wrestle back control of their public lands away from central government control.

Patrick will share his rare findings and exclusive footage with this year’s AV6 delegates and  reveal the stand-off’s far-reaching implications regarding the fundamental issues surrounding the survival of independent farming in the 21st century, and also about land and freedom - not just for Americans, but internationally, too.

He will also present a mainstream vs. alternative media analysis of this event and other related case-studies, to demonstrate how the corporate mainstream can manipulate public opinion on such key issues.



Patrick Henningsen is a writer, geopolitical analyst and founder of the alternative news website, and is a regular news independent commentator for RT International (Moscow) and host of the SUNDAY WIRE weekly radio show broadcast globally on Alternate Current Radio Network (US), and has appeared on Coast2Coast AM, Al Jazeera International, and in the UK on ITN News, Edge Media and Paradigm Shift TV.

Website: www.21stCentury