Anthony J Hilder - The New World Order for Beginners

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The New World Order for Beginners

Anthony J Hilder

Anthony is one of the pioneering early researchers of the mechanisms and arms of ‘The New World Order’, which for many years was an unknown phrase but is now being chanted by many world leaders, including Obama and Gordon Brown, as their master plan for saving the world!.

A former vice president of production for Desilu TV and film studios in the US, Anthony produced one of the highest-selling spoken word vinyl records ever on “The Illuminati” in the 1970s, educating the US population regarding the owners of banks and the their hand picked world leaders. Hilder’s mission is simple: to expose into the light people who seek to hide and operate under dark secrecy. Tirelessly conducting 17,000 interviews since the 1950s, and a regular talk show host and guest, contributing to countless books and television, Anthony has 20 professionally produced DVD titles. In this presentation he explains these complex subjects in a clear and understandable manner, with the aim of presenting complex issues in a style suitable for newcomers and experienced researchers alike.

Filmed at The Alternative View 3 event in Bristol - November 2009

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