Andy Thomas - The Age of Media Smugness

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The Age of Media Smugness

Andy Thomas

As the media crusade against anything remotely ‘alternative’ seems to take an ever-greater hold, how do we resist the temptation to kick-in our radios and TVs, out of frustration at the excruciatingly high-brow condescension from smug, closed-minded pundits and government spokesmen?

With propaganda on everything from swine flu to global warming bombarding us, how do truthseekers combat this without falling into the trap of knee-jerking to the opposite extreme with conspiracy dogma?

Andy Thomas, author of the new global cover-up overview ‘The Truth Agenda’, identifies the key issues of today and explores the malaise which has effectively destroyed any notion of a truly investigative media, while proposing ways that the ‘alternative view’ can be injected back into society without its support. With faith in our leaders at an all-time low, never before has there been such an opportunity to wake people up to hidden realities, and the moment must be seized – while it can be.

Filmed at The Alternative View 3 event in Bristol - November 2009

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