AV10.1 - Brian Gerrish


A Culture of DECEIT ...

& The Pantomime of Politics!


Brian Gerrish


When the house lights go down, the curtains open and the stage lights come on, we sit, relax and watch as the actors take us into the make-believe world of the theatre. That world may be musical, it may be murder, it may be comedy, it may be three witches on a blasted heath, it may be war, it may be the pantomime of politics. Sat comfortably in our chairs, perhaps with family and friends, we relax and allow the actors to take our attention and our minds from reality into their world. As this happens we usually forget that however good the actors are at creating the illusion of their persona, they can only cast their theatrical spell because of the hard work of others behind the scenes, and because of some very remote from the scenes on stage.

Close at hand in the theatre we will have the director, the prompters, lighting and sound men, stage special effects and costume teams, musicians and maybe others skilled in the arts of practical illusion. But then we must also remember the team that designed and built the set and those critical props, and those that designed and made the  costumes. And then of course there is the critical playwright, and perhaps an author who first wrote the book that was designed to take our minds into a literary world - now to be transformed into theatre. But none of this would be possible of course without those with the money to fund the theatre, the actors and the play.

Whoever all these people are their objective becomes united - to massage our minds, change our views, entertain us, or maybe all of these things, by the craft of spelling words and text on a page. Their product is often deceit of course, not reality, and we permit the deceit by giving our consent as we open the cover of the book, or pay to watch the play.

And so it is in the pantomime of politics. For the politician is but the player on the stage. They deliver the message of others. They are supported by a vast machinery of policy, media and propaganda. But who writes the pantomime of politics, why have they crafted it, and what do they want to achieve with their performance? Let's settle back and take a look as the curtains open and the stage lights come on.

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