AV10.1 - David DuByne

Cycles Culminate :

The Grand Solar Minimum


David DuByne


Following on from his seminal presentation at AV10, David DuByne takes another trip from the Far East to share his rapidly developing insights into the imminent impact of the Grand Solar Minimum on global agriculture. 2019 has already proven to have been a year of 'Extreme Weather', for which the Climate Alarmists are desperate to blame Humanity ... and put Humanity on a massive guilt-trip, so that you'll pay the ever increasing GREEN TAXES without complaint.

BUT ... What if the devastating effects of the Grand Solar Minimum have been known to the Establishment for many years. What if they have no gameplan to protect the masses, so they concoct a construct of Anthropogenic (Man-Made) Climate Change so that Humanity is conditioned to take the blame for a naturally occuring phenomena? 

Of course, any such sugeestion would be dismissed as nothing more than a rampant 'Conspiracy Theory' ... but what if the impact of the Grand Solar Minimum was actually much sooner and much greater than even the most vocal Climate Alarmists portray as their worst case scenario?

Is Humanity being prepared for a de-population event ... for which Humanity is incorrectly being told that it is responsible for?

The evidence is compelling ... and NOW is the time to consider how we should respond, both individually and collectively to a significant Climate event which occures on a 400yr cycle.


David DuByne is the creator of the ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age 2105-2035 video series and Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast was a former coffee buyer in N.E Myanmar around Pyin Oo Lwin and when coffee farmers told of cold weather damage to plants with top leaf kill, decreased bean density and the need to over plant by 13-14% to balance cold damage and die off in the farms, I went looking for answers.

David was a full CO2 warming believer, so it seemed strange that there was cold damage so near the equator in the country formerly known as Burma. I began to look for answers and it didn’t take long to find evidence that the Sun drives our climate and we are heading into another Grand Solar Minimum with profound effects on global food production. This stark realization that food is the base for society and by 2023 there will be global food shortages, at that point I had two choices, lie to myself and go back to sleep or bring truth forward.

Website:  http://www.oilseedcrops.org