AV10.1 - Gary Fraughen

Putting a Stopper in the Bottle of Death :

Reclaiming OUR Souls from The Crown, The Church
& The Purveyors of Control

Gary Fraughen


From contract and trust law, court language, Vatican language ceremonies and even cloths we wear are drowned in occultism and obfuscation. Gary Fraughan has a fascinating insight into dealing with the crown, our courts the police and even the church. A roller coaster ride into how we are considered lost souls by the state and fooled into a secondary world we live in everyday but with no informed idea of how this started, was imposed upon us and indeed how to release ourselves from the game.

The scrolls, the books, the signs, the allegory of deception in history shows a matrices of why Humanity is enslaved into a marching juggernaut of zombie life entities birthed worked and expired in death without realizing where humanity really is. Having written a book that the Establishment are desperate to stop, Gary is now ready to share his research to spark debate about the system we are in and about how little time is left to destroy it ... before it destroys us!


Having worked in the construction industry all his life after 36 years on the front line, Gary Fraughan holds a first class science degree in surveying, is chartered and has countless awards, an impressive track record delivering multi million pound/dollar developments in civil engineering, architecture, ecclesiastical, special gov contract and disaster recovery work.  Having taking expert witness roles for court proceedings an interest in language and etymology was sparked.  This led him into understanding court documents and reading Latin.  Translating languages of the dead which we use everyday but have been usurped into legalese.