AV9.1 - Brian Gerrish : A Rising Tide of CORPORATISM


Who are they and from whence comes their Tactics of War?

Brian Gerrish

It took me a while to think through what might be a good approach to my talk at Ian Crane’s forthcoming AV9.1 event entitled ‘Democracy in Chains.’ Ian identifies the “prevailing philosophy for totalitarian capitalism”, and states that this can only be delivered by “stealth, deception and authoritarian control.”

Since the overall totalitarian capitalist agenda includes the objective of significant culling of the population it is perhaps not unreasonable to say that an informed population would be very hostile to that particular totalitarian agenda alone. That the totalitarian plan is largely deceptive tells us two things - firstly, they believe they are best placed to act from the shadows, and secondly they are fearful of the backlash from an alerted population to an overt frontal assault.

If ‘know your enemy’ is a key rule of success in warfare, we must ask who 'they' are, and from whence comes their tactics of war? Armed with this critical information we will be well equipped to fight 'them' and win.

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