Fracking in the UK : The Truth Behind the 'Dash for Gas'

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The Truth Behind the 'Dash for Gas'

A Documentary by Marco Jackson


In December 2012 David Cameron lifted the moratorium (temporary ban) on the process known as Hydraulic Fracturing. A moratorium which had been in place since June 2011, when it was acknowledged that two minor earthquakes in the Blackpool area, had been triggered by Hydraulic Fracturing in the vicinity.

The process of High Volume High Pressure Hydraulic Fracturing is an integral part of the extraction process for Unconventional Gas & Oil, found in Shale deposits and Coal Seams. The UK reportedly has sufficient Unconventional Gas resources to provide the Country with Energy Security for many decades into the future.

But at what price?

In the US, Canada & Australia, there is increasing evidence that High Volume High Pressure Hydraulic Fracturing is causing contamination of Water, Soil & Air. This coupled with the phenomenal water requirements of the Hydraulic Fracturing process may prove to have even greater negative impact in the UK than in Countries with considerably less population density.

This outstanding documentary looks at the players behind the UK Government's 'Dash for Gas'; then draws upon two decades of FRACKING experience in the Western USA and the impact upon farming communities in Southern Queensland Australia, to consider whether this 'technology' is appropriate to be unleashed beneath the people of the UK.

This is a perfect companion to 'FRACKtured FUTURE'.