AV9 - Mark Steele - 5G ... An Existential Threat?


5G - The Existential Threat ...

& The Opportunity!


Mark Steele



5G is scheduled to be rolled out across the UK in 2020 ... few people are aware of the impact that this will have on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!

My AV9 presentation will adress the potential damage to business and the economy from the paradigm shift in current technological developments; with particular regard to the lack of established standards that have evolved into unregulated 5G.

I will explore the lack of critical scientific discourse on weapon systems; ubiquitous introduction and the ability of such weapon systems to damage real innovation, real business opportunity and the potential impact upon the future economic viability of the West.

Bio :

Inventor, IP writer, Chief Technology officer at REEVU Worldwide Ltd. Technology advisor to Saveusnow Political Party with 35yrs Research projects in the Energy Sector, NEI Nuclear Research, Sub Sea Research (BGC) TubeFuse (Shell)

Mark's AV9 presentation is available in the AV9 DVD Box set

Websites: www.saveusnow.org.uk  &  www.reevu.com