AV9 - Thomas Sheridan - The Supernaturalism of 9/11



THE Supernaturalism of 9/11


Thomas Sheridan





Thomas Sheridan has never previously spoken about the events that took place in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. In his AV9 presentation, this will all change; as Thomas will present an investigation into how the events in NYC affected Human consciousness to a far greater degree than has been commonly understood. The matrix was very literally torn asunder that day.  
Like many, while contemplating the events at Ground Zero, Thomas Sheridan was, and continues to be disturbed by a sense of 'unnatural wickedness' that still festers within the collective consciousness of humans as a whole. What attacked NYC that morning was not of this world. More importantly, many people were aware that 'something' was coming. The quantum wave generated by the attacks had blasted its way through space-time and back into the past long before the event actually happened. More importantly, 9/11 was not the first time that this psychic pre-shock had taken place in history.
This presentation is unlike any other that Thomas Sheridan has presented before, and is a result of years of examination and contemplation beyond the usual tropes and narratives around the attacks. Humans are capable of 'feeling' and even predicting such events before they happen. This is extremely worrying for the Psychopathic Control Grid, as they do not want us to recognise and then utilise this power that we all have within us. They are frantically using everything from drugs, atheism and trans-humanism to shut this innate ability down. Our bodies and cognition may live in the present; however, our subconscious minds are unbounded by space-time. It is the battlefield in which we can fight back.

Prepare to be amazed and made aware of your own power to unleash the psychic insurgent within you. 

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