AV9 - Terry Boardman : Life After BREXIT




Britain ... & the End of the EU


 Terry Boardman




Britain needs not just to say 'NO' to the regressive EU. It needs to say 'YES' to a new vision of society for the 21st century.

We joined the EEC to get rich; are we now leaving the EU only in order to get rich by trading with Asia? To become even more subservient to the USA?

The mode of capitalism operated in the modern West, which China and India are copying, will lead eventually to conflict, because economic interests are allowed to rule over political and cultural ones. We need a threefold society in which none of the three main social spheres (cultural, political, economic) dominates, or interferes with the others but in which they all healthily inter-relate, as do the three separate systems of the human organism (nervous, circulatory, metabolic).

Only a threefold society will keep at bay the anti-human dangers of world war, techno-mania and Transhumanist genocide ... but how do we achieve this?



TERRY M. BOARDMAN, born in Wales in 1952, graduated with a BA History (Hons) from Manchester University. He lived and worked in Japan for 10 years and currently resides in the West Midlands, England, where he works as a freelance lecturer, writer and translator of German and Japanese. He is also the author of Kaspar Hauser - Where did he come from? (2006). 

Terry has authored a number of books but none quite so prescient as 'Mapping the Millenium : Behind the plans of the New World Order'

Terry was a speaker at both AV2 & AV3 but this is his first return to the AV platform since 2009.

Website : www.threeman.org

Terry Boardman at AV3 (2009) :