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Hollywood Trans-Humanism :

The Rise of the Machines


 Jay Dyer




It is with great pleasure that AV9 provides the platform for Jay Dyer to give his debut presentation in the UK.

Science fiction has long had a grip on the human mind; echoing the primal myths of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. But there is a Pentagon-driven strategy behind the popular comic book and Star Trek narratives we're fed.   Not only does Hollywood participate in the CIA, FBI and NSA narratives, there is a deeper agenda at work, intent on indoctrinating the masses into a tyrannical technocratic dystopia, with the replacement of the human workforce, the rise of the SmartGrid and SmartCities, the 'Internet of Things' and the supposed downloading the consciousness into a virtual matrix.  

French Philosopher Jean Baudrillard referred to this transitionary stage as an extreme form of virtual nihilism. From the writings of H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell to Isaac Asimov to Spielberg's usage of Dick and James Cameron's participation with NASA and the Terminator series and more recent film examples like Ex Machina, we have already been told what dystopia is to come - if WE allow it!



Jay Dyer is an author, lecturer, and television presenter known for his popular philosophy and film-focused website, as well as writing 'Esoteric Hollywood: Sex Cults and Symbols in Film'. Jay also co-created, co-wrote and co-presented the television series Hollywood Decoded with Jay Weidner on the Gaia network. 

Jay's graduate work focused in analytical philosophy and the interplay of espionage, geopolitics and propaganda, while in the last few years Jay has been a guest on countless nationally-syndicated radio shows, television and comedy shows, academic conferences and large podcasts.  Jaysanalysis.com contains over original 1,000 articles and hundreds of audio interviews, reaching now 1/2 million readers and listeners per month. Jay's traditionally-published book reached number 1 on Amazon's Film & Hollywood category and will soon be followed by a sequel, Esoteric Hollywood 2: More Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film.