AV9 - Dr Graham Downing : Forbidden Fields




Defending HUMANITY from the Rise of the Machines


Dr Graham Downing




Man moves ever closer to it's goal of control of the Earth's environment and even deeper exploration of the fabric of Life. In its quest, nothing appears sacred, even genetically mixing species is now no longer taboo. Artificial Intelligence is on the rise to ascendancy; like some bad sci-fi B movie sci-fi, with those that wish us to merge with machines, growing in numbers and strength every day.

But are there "places" and domains that we are just not meant to experience, rules that must not be broken, things that we should not "see". What happens if we attempt to go to those "places"; what happens if we break the rules? And in attempting to "see" are we really just blinding ourselves to the Truth?

Are the answers we seek to be found in the Artificially Intelligent machine and it's promise of "eternal life" or elsewhere hidden in plain sight? Are there forbidden fields and if there are, then for the sake of Humanity should they be defended from the Rise of the Machines?

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Dr. Graham S. Downing is a consultant in Neuro-musculoskeletal & Functional Medicine. He graduated from King’s College London University where he trained in the clinical sciences and molecular biology and attended the Randall Institute as a research student whilst still under the Directorship of Dr Wilkins, Nobel prize winner for his co-discovery of DNA; and European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University where he received an MSc with a specialist area of research in psychoneuroimmunology in the clinical practice.

Dr. Downing was invited to read for a Ph.D at Oxford’s leading research institute, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology but decided on a clinical career instead. He is one of only two doctors in Europe that have received training at consultant level in diagnosis and treatment of internal medical disorders at the Texas Chiropractic College, USA; and advanced Wilderness medicine.

His specialist fields are neuro-musculoskeletal & functional Medicine (with a focus on fertility, endocrinology, infection and gastro-intestinal problems). He has produced science and clinical reports since February 1993 and medico-legal reports since April 2010 as an expert witness.

He is currently President and Director of Clinical Education for a European organisation that sets standards of clinical proficiency and trains healthcare providers, including medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, herbalists, homoeopaths, nutritionist, functional medicine doctors and other health disciplines to consultant level.