AV9 - Brian Gerrish - HUMANITY : On the Cusp ...

Brian Gerrish

I feel that Ian Crane has hit the nail squarely on the head with this epic title for AV9.

We are certainly on the cusp of something and many more people now sense that something is happening, much of which is unsettling, some of which they don't like, some of which they can't understand and some of which they don't want to understand!

What will the AV9 speakers have to say on this issue I wonder? But on the cusp of what? A massive breakthrough in consciousness or a dystopian trans-humanist nightmare?

For me the answer at present is not one or the other, but rather some of both. A developing dystopian trans-humanist nightmare is a trigger for an increasing awakening of consciousness to its development in the minds of individuals. I say 'a' trigger not 'the' trigger, because in my own case at least I encountered two states - seeing and therefore waking up and waking up to see.

Is there a revelation of events underway? Most certainly. Is this just a battle of men, politics and ideology? I don't think so. So how do those events ultimately play out?

THAT, is indeed the $64million question!