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The Weapon, the Monopoly & the Goldmine


Judyth Vary Baker



A teen prodigy who induced lung cancer in mice in only seven days, outperforming the best research labs in the world, 17-year-old Judyth Vary Baker received national attention that launched her into a whirlwind of world class training and mentoring by two Nobel Prize winners and the top three lung cancer research experts in America. Assigned “to make the cancers more deadly,” at age 19 Judyth was sent to New Orleans, where she was plunged into a secret CIA project to help develop a super-potent lung cancer to use against Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro. After the project became entangled with National Security, the Kennedy assassination, and Nixon’s so-called “War on Cancer” the world of cancer research was turned upside down, generating trillions for those holding treatment patents and running what Judyth calls “cancer treatment palaces” too profitable to close down.  Judyth offers hope, but only if Big Pharma can be kept from destroying research efforts outside the US. “What I have to say has generated more death threats for me than my relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald,” she says, “but I have no choice. If this helps save lives, my original goal of curing cancer and saving lives is at least partially fulfilled.”

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