100 x Voices from the Gasfields

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"It Started with just ONE well!"

A Documentary by Ian R Crane


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The film explores the devastation caused by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Queensland, Australia.

It shows the impact of more than seven thousand wells, which have been drilled and fracked over the past seven years, through the testimonies of farmers who have had their soil, air, rivers and livestock poisoned.

The full title of the film 'Voices from the Gasfields - it started with just one well'  points to the relevance of the film to the UK, where only ONE well has been drilled and fracked to date (Preese Hall fracked by Cuadrilla in early 2011).

Ian R Crane says, "My aim is to let the victims of extreme energy production speak to the world. Those who have had their livelihoods destroyed are now dedicated to giving a direct warning to farmers and residents of rural areas like the East Riding, North Yorkshire and the Fylde in Lancashire. The UK coalition Government is desperate to prove that shale gas and coal bed methane can save the British economy regardless of the direct threat to water supplies and the environment. Thanks to opposition from Protection Camps and local residents companies like Rathlin are on the defensive. They know they do not have support, hence their recent request to postpone their latest Planning application for West Newton B until after the local elections to try to avoid difficulty for the ruling Conservatives in the East Riding. But make no mistake, once the election is over the oil industry will redouble its efforts to get drills into the ground to make profits at the expense of local water supplies and the residents and businesses that rely on them."

Ian R Crane is a former oilfield services industry executive who has devoted the last two and a half years to raising awareness of the irrefutable devastation caused by the unconventional gas industry, wherever it is able to become established.

Ian says, "The oil and gas industry refers to 'Sacrifice Zones', it is imperative for the well-being of this small island and all its inhabitants, that we learn from the experience of those who have the misfortune to live in areas of the world which have already fallen victim to the unconventional gas industry."