Holly Paige - Nutrition & Consciousness

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Nutrition & Consciousness

Holly Paige

Holly Paige explores the link between nutrition, our state of consciousness and the world we collectively create as a result. She looks at how the world situation has changed over millennia and is now changing at an accelerated rate so that the food available is increasingly detrimental to us. As the population is increasingly numbed off and dumbed down through this process, even our ability to fully comprehend what is happening is threatened.

Holly's background includes a physics degree, marketing in a large computer company, teaching English as a foreign language in the far east, twenty years raising four children as naturally as possible in the modern world, breastfeeding counselling, the Green Party, study of astrology and shamanism, and a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy. Her fascination has been the nature of reality, human nature and how the human race can regain a profound sense of connection and wellbeing. On moving to Totnes in 1997 she began to make some very fundamental connections between nutrition and our state of consciousness.

In 2001 Holly and her youngest two children began to eat a completely raw food diet. She is well known in raw food circles, having been a raw food caterer, teaching raw food preparation, speaking at events and writing for magazines. She is now dedicated full-time to researching and communicating the connection between food, herbs, other energetic influences and our experience on this planet. She writes a popular blog and information site www.rawcuisine.co.uk; runs an on-line shop selling high vibrational foods, www.oceanwavevibrations.com and is currently writing a book 'Food for Consciousness' also an e-book on raising raw, vibrant and natural children.

Recorded Live at The Alternative View 1 event in Totnes - April 2008