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Ian R Crane



Ian R Crane is a former oilfield executive .... who for the past FIVE YEARS has been focused primarily on his Fracking Awareness Campaign. The UK anti-fracking community has contributed significantly to the fact that the Country has remained 'Frack Free' since spring 2011! However, this quest has not been without much drama and personal cost, with one of the Fracking Companies, Rathlin Energy, pursuing Ian through the Bankruptcy Courts for over two years!

Ian achieved a truly spectacular and ground-breaking result by presenting himself in Court as the 'Executor' of his Cestui Que Vie Trust. Needless to say, the Establishment were never going to acknowledge the legal fraud perpetrated by the Establishment for the past 350 years ... but Ian would not concede any quarter and refused to be tricked into permitting the Court to establish 'Joinder' with his Legal Fiction (Birth Certificate).

Other Projects :

Ultimately, the way in which the Court 'Buried' the Bankruptcy may not have been the result Ian expected ... but it was a massive result nonetheless. A result which PROVES the value of doing your own research and acting as Litigant In Person (LIP).

In the spring of 2015, Ian released his first documentary, 'Voices from the Gasfields', which portrays the experiences of landowners who now live in the heart of the Gasfields of Southern Queensland, Australia. 

Ian is the also the host of 'HUMANITY vs INSANITY' & 'FRACKING NIGHTMARE' both of which are broadcast on and can be viewed on YouTube.

Ian's YouTube Channel