Hillary Clinton's connection to 9/11 : Field McConnell - AV7

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Hillary Clinton’s

Connection To 9/11 ... Revealed!


Field McConnell



Field McConnell is a career military and civilian airline pilot who is closely linked to the flying events of 9/11.  His Air National Guard unit had F16s over Washington DC on morning of 9/11; Captain Charles 'Chic' Burlingame of American Arlnes Flght 77 ( Pentagon) was his college classmate, and the 'Boeing Uninterruptable Auto-Pilot' (BUAP} equipped drones were his intellectual property.

It was this BUAP technology that was misused by Field McConnell's sister, Kristine Marcy, and Hillary Clinton as the Establishment patsied Muslims to facilitate their 'New American Century'.
When Field exposed 'Boeing’s Uninterruptible Auto-pilot' on 10 December, 2006, the FAA, U S Department of Justice and mostnotably the Airline Pilots Association attempted to silence him regarding the Truth of 9/11. He immediately retired from Northwest Airlines and was recruited to fly Airbus jets in Kazakhstanwhere he flew for 18 months to round out his 31 year airline career. 

Field McConnell's expertise has been used by Russia, Malaysia and Germany in explaining the four airliners takendown by the illegal modifications, which he first reported on 10 December, 2006.