Alessio Rastani - Your Savings are about to Evaporate

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Alessio Rastani

Your Savings are about to Evaporate ... Strategies to avoid the coming Abyss

Filmed at The Financial Terrorism Exposed Event in London - June 1012

Independent Financial Trader Alessio Rastani was interviewed 'Live' on the BBC in late September of 2011, during this interview (included in this presentation), Alessio famously said, 'Governments don't rule the World ... Goldman Sachs rules the World'! Little did he realise how prescient this observation would be. Within six weeks this interview being aired the elected leaders of both Greece and Itlaly were replaced by Technocrats ... both of whom had long standing relationships with Goldman Sachs!

This is a remarkably insightful and informative presentation as Alessio shares some of his techniques for protecting your hard-earned accummulated wealth ... and prevent it from evaporating when the global corporatists pull the rug from under the Global Economy.

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