On the Cusp of the Apocalypse - 6 DVD Box Set

Price: £29.99

5 DVDs plus bonus Question and Answer session DVD

Ben Fellows:
Ben came into the public eye in May 2012, after having infiltrated G4S and revealling the systemic failings of the Organisation tasked with providing security at the London 2012 Olympics. As a result of his expose, the issue was raised in Parliament, which resulted in the CEO of G4S being summoned to explain the Company's failings before a rapidly convened Parliamentary Commission. In this presentation former Child Actor Ben reveals his insights into the 'Dark Side' of  the entertainment industry; sharing his experiences as a child actor and reveals that child abuse and paedophilia is not just isolated to the BBC! Ben also discusses his formal allegations against Kenneth Clarke MP; explores the implications of the Leveson Report and reveals his recent telephone call from a member of the 'Common Purpose' dominated Leveson Inquiry and advised that he was going to be the 'Scapegoat' to bring about Internet Censorship in the UK.
Patrick Henningsen:
Patrick Henningsen is the founder of 21st Century Wire, an alternative web-based  news service which is attracting increased attention from Mainstream outlets. In recent weeks, a number of National Newspapers and the BBC have run news items sourced from 21st Century Wire. In addition, Patrick has become a regular contributor to Russia Today ... who would have believed 30 years ago that we'd have to tune in to a Russian Broadcasting Network to get the TRUTH!
Brian Gerrish:
Brian Gerrish's UK Column daily online news show is becoming increasingly influential, as evidenced by the number of Emails and telephone calls received from mainstream outlets requesting additional information on issues such as 'Common Purpose' influence and State Sponsored 'Kidnapping'. Brian shares his thoughts regarding the significance of the rapidly increasing realisation amongst the British public that 'something ain't right!'
Ken O'Keefe:
Former US Marine Ken O'Keefe has become the Zionists worst media nightmare; educated, informed, articulate, and a determined defender of Palestian Human Rights, whilst holding nothing back in his exposure of the Israeli Government's genocidal agenda.  Ken addresses current events in Palestine, Syria, and explains how the unfolading Middle Eastern tragedy ties into the Central Banking cartel's quest for Global Dominian.
Ian R Crane:
Just back from a speaking tour of Australia & New Zealand, Ian R Crane offers his analysis and insight as he explains the massive fraud being perpetrated by the Globalist Banksters. The unfolding 'APOCALYPSE' is going to take us into completely new territory but whether we have to descend deeper into the abyss as the 'old order' collapses, depends very much on US! We all acknowledge that the existing paradigm cannot continue, so as we enter into an 'Age of Revealing', it is perhaps pertinent to heed the words of Rudolf Steiner, 'He who would embrace the New, must be prepared to let go of the Old, in full tranquility.' It's time to let go the fear and anger and focus on what truly UNITES the Human Race ... and bring forth the legacy that we wish to bequeath future generations.