AV9 - 14 Disc Box Set

Price: £69.99

AV9 Delegate Feedback:

'As a first-time attendee, I just wanted to write and congratulate you on a truly superb conference, probably the best one I have ever been to!'  

'Seamless organisation, excellent speakers and a wonderful venue for incredible value.'

'I just wanted to say thank you to you for organising such an amazing conference!'

'AV9 was the best event of any kind that I have ever been to and I cannot wait for AV10 to come along!'

The following DVD Presentations are included in the AV9 Box Set: 

1). Brian Gerrish  - HUMANITY : On the Cusp ...

2). Patrick Henningsen  - The Age of Media Lies & Digital Tyranny 

3). Dilyana Gaytandzhieva  - Pentagon Bio-weapons ... Exposed!

4). Ian R Crane  - Suppressed Cancer Treatments

5). Graham Downing  - Defending Humanity from the Rise of the Machines

6). Jay Dyer  - Esoteric Hollywood

7). Alex Thomson  - Inventors of Evil Things

8). Mark Steele  - 5G : The Existential Threat ... & the Opportunity!

9). Max Igan  - The Common SMART Prison ... The Future is OUR Choice!

10). Thomas Sheridan  - The Supernaturalism of 9/11

11). Jon Wedger  - A Former Metropolitan Police Detective blows the whistle on Establishment Child Abuse 

12). Terry Boardman  - Life After BREXIT : Britain & the End of the EU

13). Benny Wills  - Be BOLD ... Be THE CHANGE & Laugh in the Face of Evil

14.) The Big Debate  - This House Believes that Humanity is on the Brink of Mass Extinction