Ian R Crane Update

As many of you are aware Ian R Crane has unfortunately passed away after a long but determined battle against cancer. He will be sadly missed by his family and loved ones and many many people in the alternative community around the world for his tireless campaigning against fracking, against our loss of liberty and against the ruling parasites currently plaguing humanity and planet earth

This website will continue to exist as a memory to Ian and his great work. Although his DVDs are no longer on sale many of his presentations and Alternative View presentations are available on demand for those with an enquiring mind. They will also serve as a fond memory to his passion and zest for life.

The Alternative View Conference will also continue with updates coming shortly. Please visit www.alternativeview.co.uk for AV news and updates.

The Ian R Crane team thanks you for your kind words and best wishes in support of this unique and amazing man.

The Alternative View 11.1 Presentations

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Dr Graham Downing

Dr Graham Downing

Dr. Graham S. Downing is a consultant in Neuro-musculoskeletal & Functional Medicine. He graduated from King’s College London University where he trained in the clinical sciences and molecular biology and attended the Randall Institute as a research student whilst still under the Directorship of Dr Wilkins, Nobel prize winner for his co-discovery of DNA; and European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University where he received an MSc with a specialist area of research in psychoneuroimmunology in the clinical practice.

Dr. Downing was invited to read for a Ph.D at Oxford’s leading research institute, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology but decided on a clinical career instead. He is one of only two doctors in Europe that have received training at consultant level in diagnosis and treatment of internal medical disorders at the Texas Chiropractic College, USA; and advanced Wilderness medicine.

His specialist fields are neuro-musculoskeletal & functional Medicine (with a focus on fertility, endocrinology, infection and gastro-intestinal problems). He has produced science and clinical reports since February 1993 and medico-legal reports since April 2010 as an expert witness.

He is currently President and Director of Clinical Education for a European organisation that sets standards of clinical proficiency and trains healthcare providers, including medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, herbalists, homoeopaths, nutritionist, functional medicine doctors and other health disciplines to consultant level.