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WHO Will Survive the LameStream Fallout?

Patrick Henningsen




When Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 United States Presidential election, the Establishment, in all its branches and forms – political, corporate, mainstream media, Silicon Valley and the Hollywood establishment – were all looking for a scapegoat.

First, they blamed uneducated, ‘deplorable’ voters, then it was Vladimir Putin unleashing his secret army of Russian hackers. It’s hardly surprising. Wouldn’t you be in shock if you had just spent billions dollars (or pounds) to nudge and manipulate public opinion in favor of your own candidate and political agenda – only to have it go the other way in the end?

As it turned out, the Establishment had one more scapegoat to harvest - something called Fake News. Looking past the immediate political fallout, this is a harbinger for a rapidly approaching tectonic shift in media consumption and our relationship with the power structure. There will be big winners, and bigger losers. One thing is certain: old systems of control and traditional gatekeepers will not survive the coming digital rapture.

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