AV8 - Olsi Jazexhi

From Soros to Blair
Pillaging the Wealth of Nations


Olsi Jazexhi




The collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the break up of Yugoslavia through a series of wars from 1992 to 2003 and the proclamation of Kosovo as an independent state in 2008, has created new realities for the people of Southeastern Europe. During the era of communism, the ex-Yugoslav Republics of Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia were prosperous, and Albania was an independent nation-state; today, two decades later, they are no longer so. The ex-communist nations of the Balkans, that in the 1980s were rich and enjoyed excellent quality of life, today suffer from massive poverty and mass migration of their populations towards Western Europe and America.

The Western political, corporate and mainstream media, blame the countries of Southeastern Europe for corruption and economic failures. Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, whose populations are either overwhelmingly Orthodox Christians or Muslims, are frequently accused by the mainstream Western media either for their sympathies for Russia, or blamed as sources of radical Islam.

From 1991 to this day, the Western political elites through their NGO-s and transnational elites keep on “educating” the “unruly people” of the Balkans, sometimes through hard power - NATO bombing – and most of the time through the soft power – which comes through NGO corruption, backdoor intrigues and open verbal threats by US and EU representatives.

The marriage between the hard and the soft power of the West in policing the countries of the Balkans, has led to exploitation of the wealth of these nations. In Albania and Kosovo people from Tony Blair, Wesley Clark and Madeleine Albright who came into this region with NATO planes in 1999,have now became chief government advisers or major shareholders in fracking oil companies who have caused major environmental disasters and are accused for stealing billions.  

My presentation will show how Tony Blair, Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark and George Soros have not only overthrown governments in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia but have also exploited the wealth of these Balkan nations. I will show how the US and EU administrations protect these transnational parasites in their plunder and exploitation, and how major political turmoils in the Balkans are quite often caused by these so-called 'Elites'.

Olsi Jazexhi is an Albanian-Canadian historian who teaches history at University of Durres and Elbasan in Albania. He is a social activist and an independent media critic, who consistently challenges the mainstream media narratives in Albania and Kosovo. Olsi is founder of Free Media Institute in Tirana and is a regular guest commentator for Top Channel, Klan, News 24 and Impakt TV in Albania. His work has appeared in a number of international publications in Albania, Serbia, Turkey and Canada.