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The Man they HAD to Kill


Judyth Vary Baker





Far from being a clueless patsy, it was imperative to capture, accuse and murder the only man with enough knowledge and courage to expose the full truth about the Kennedy assassination.  “As I and new witnesses expose the truth about Lee Harvey Oswald, everything is changing,” Judyth Vary Baker, Lee Oswald’s friend and lover, explains.  “After Lee’s assassination on live TV, dissenting witnesses died, a never-ending character assassination campaign on Lee as a “Lone Nut” commenced, and honest investigators were mocked as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ 

Above all, evidence involving Lee was concealed; especially about the Mafia, biological weapons, CIA assassinations, psy systems worldwide, Mind Control projects, and much more that’s still in operation today, without true oversight and plausibly deniable.”

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Judyth Vary Baker on HUMANITY vs INSANITY #83