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An increasing number of people see the insanity, corruption, dishonour and fear but cannot figure out why it’s happening or who is benefiting from it. All one can do is to encourage others to do their own research. I will show you the door but you must walk through it!

As a first time speaker at AV8, I really appreciate the opportunity to bring forth the research, knowledge and insights I have accumulated through my own study and experience. I look forward to sharing information with people who have the ‘Ears to Listen’ and the ‘Hearts to Heal’. Now is the time for collaboration, providing practical solutions and finding unity.


Delroy Henry works in education and information technology. Over the past 7 years, Del's reserach has led him to conclude that everything around us is not quite right!

For the last three years Del has been sharing his insight, raising awareness and spreading the truth with those who were willing to listen. During this time has worked closely with 'Real Change' founding members; all of whom are determined make a positive difference in the world.

For the last two years Del one has been speaking at relatively small venue and is a regular guest on alternative media broadcasts, such as 'Critical Mass Radio', 'Enemy Within Radio', 'Raconteurs News' and ' Episode 52 of HUMANITY vs INSANITY' (See Below).

Del has helped many people toi better comprehend the application of 'Law' and share his insights as to how Humanity can free itself from the tyrannical corporatocracy and offers practicle solutions ressting the advancing Corporate control agenda.